Desert Operations Vs War 2 Glory Comparison

    • Game
    • Game Name
    • Desert Operations
    • War 2 Glory
    • Gameplay
    • The player is in command of over 50 seas, air and ground units, and 30 buildings. The player uses all the mechanics like trades, spies, and attacks to lead his nation to a better position with greater power. The game provides real-time reports for the battles which the player can analyze for better strategies.
    • The aim of the game is to be tied at the strategy of winning the fight against the enemy. The plan for preparing chemicals and warfare weapons are the essentials carried out by the player. The crucial decisions at fight are the enthralling one. The player becomes the commander of the region where he gives his fullest efforts to build, trade, and defend the area. The player is demanded to be a brilliant general to lead the army. Finding the alliance for warfare, organizing the best ones makes the land to be interested to fight.
    • Graphics/Sounds
    • The visuals provided in the game are majorly text and very few images are incorporated. The game lacks animations. All the graphics are 2-D and some players might not like it. Desert Operations is on the back foot when it comes to sounds too. It lacks sounds which decrease the thrill. 
    • The game is set in a modern warfare scenario and efforts needed to face the war are visualized to the finest one. The sounds created during warfare are recreated.
    • Learning Curve
    • For building a great learning curve it is necessary to know the in and out of the games. The strategies are what we need to consider before we start playing. This will make us win every time we play.
    • The game is set in a modern warfare scenario and efforts needed to face the war are visualized to the finest one. The sounds created during warfare are recreated.
    • Who play The Game
    • Those who like War and Strategy games like this game.
    • Persons who are fond of warfare enjoy the gameplay.
    • Desktop/Mobile
    • Available on the Browser only. It is not available on iOS or Android.
    • It is available in preferred browsers in desktops.
    • Devices/OS
    • The game is meant to be played on a browser on Windows or macOS.
    • Being a browser-based game, it needs OS like Microsoft Windows.
    • Estimated Number of Players
    • There are about 20 million players in this game.
    • Around 1 million players are found worldwide.
    • Overall
    • This is a military-themed, strategy, and a city-building game. The focus is on building your empire, improving the army, gathering resources, and attacking. The game involves the use of all major military equipment like tanks, fighter jets, parachute units, bombers, etc. which increases the interest of those who like military games.

    • The game is best suited for the ones who crave modern war with mechanized stuff. It will lead them to be the best one for decision making at crucial times. United army can do wonders with prevailing strategies of war.

  • Should You Play Desert Operations?

    Desert Operations is an exciting military game. It is a free game that demands planning and strategy. In the game, you hold the position of a commander. You are responsible for several units on the ground, air, and sea. You are in charge of some buildings too. You come face-to-face with the enemy either for combat or for trade. You have skilled troops on your side. However, that alone will not help you face your enemy. You also need to make use of tactics such as espionage and full combat power if you are aiming for victory. The game is all about building alliances and strategizing. You need to come up with plans to attack and destroy your enemy base. Give it your best shot to win the title – best commander!
  • Should You Play War 2 Glory?

    An interesting free-to-play strategy game, War 2 Glory is your door to endless entertainment. The game is all about territory control. You are the person-in-charge. Build your empire, expand the boundaries of your territory, and conquer enemy lands. You are faced with your enemies in battles where strategy is an important component. You have about 40 units under you. Attack your enemy through land, sea, and air. Surround them by all means and lock them into a strategic position. Keep your territory rich with resources. These will keep you going during your endless conquests. There are different kinds of buildings, technologies, player ranks, and much more to explore. Download the game right away and begin your journey towards glory.

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