Throne Kingdom At War Vs Vikings War of Clans Comparison

    • Game
    • Game Name
    • Throne Kingdom At War
    • Vikings War of Clans
    • Gameplay
    • The game is being encircled around the bravery of the player to compete with the predating strange enemies. The player is being replenished with the opportunities to build a glorious empire and safeguarding it by leading the war against them with your army. The player has mighty powers and enormous strengths and bestowed appraisals to be used at the gameplay. The land of the throne kingdom makes the most valiant foe seizing over the lands around.
    • Players can upgrade their troops and conduct better attacks. The updates require iron, lumber, stone, food, silver, and the gold which can be increased with attacks. Players can make teams of up to 100-125 members which will be united by one clan name, regulations and management structure, and shield. The player can create their clan or can join a previously created clan. The development team of this game has used the information present in the books and articles about the Scandinavian Peninsula's history to make it more real.
    • Graphics/Sounds
    • The game is being set in an ancient war scenario and so an ancient time warfare experience overwhelmed upon the player. The sounds during the fight are just amazing.
    • The graphics of the game are crisp and the Scandinavian Peninsula's history has been very nicely depicted through the graphics. The sound effects are good too. But some of the updates affect the sounds and graphics.
    • Learning Curve
    • The winning can be made easy if some tricks are followed. The skills and experience can easily be enhanced here by buying huge coffers and setting them at the same time. Also, buy 8-hour shields in bulks and some VIP points are definitely can to be helpful.
    • The graphics of the game are crisp and the Scandinavian Peninsula's history has been very nicely depicted through the graphics. The sound effects are good too. But some of the updates affect the sounds and graphics.
    • Who play The Game
    • It can be played by gamers who seek ancient fighting experience.
    • Those who like Strategy games like this game. Those who are interested in the Scandinavian Peninsula's history love this game.
    • Desktop/Mobile
    • The game can be played at the desktop as it is a browser-based game.
    • Available on the Browser, iOS, Android, and Facebook.
    • Devices/OS
    • The game demands the assistance of an operating like Windows operating system
    • It can be played on Android and iOS & a browser over Windows or macOS.
    • Estimated Number of Players
    • The approximate numbers of players who are being enchanted are estimated to be more than a million.
    • This game is played by over 250 Million people!
    • Overall
    • The game is all set to recreate the ancient world of rulers and conquerors. The land where you have stepped in makes you strong and valiant than the enemies you face. The game allows you to make decisions likewise a king makes at his warfare. Join the hands of your army and raise the swords for the victory of your kingdom.

    • The game has kept in mind the cultural history of the Scandinavian Peninsula. The reviews for the game are great. It is rated 4.4/5 on Google Play Store and is rated 4.4/5 by AppGrooves. The reviews from the players are positive too.

  • Should You Play Throne: Kingdom at War?

    Throne: Kingdom at War is a popular MMO game. The game is available on multiple platforms. It is based on the theme of warriors fighting for the throne. 2D and 3D graphics are combines to provide a realistic looking game environment. The ultimate goal of every player in the game is to take over the Kingdom of Amaria after the King's demise. However, if you want the throne, you must sweat for it. You need to build a strong castle. Train your army. Safeguard your castles – enemies will attack and plunder your resources. There are quests to be completed and resources to be found. The game is an exhilarating journey through a medieval setup. Download the game today and try to win the throne!
  • Should you Play Vikings: War of Clans?

    Vikings: War of Clans is a famed MMO strategy game. Although it is a free-to-play game, certain special features are accessible only to premium members. It is available on both desktop and mobile phone. Vikings: War of Clans, as the name suggests, is a clan-based game. Your objective is to become the king of the land. For that, you have to capture the place of power – which is a location at the center of the map. This cannot be accomplished single-handedly. Thus every player coordinates with others to create their clan. The clans need to be trained to acquire resources needed for the quest, through various means. The game is based on the Vikings and the history of the Scandinavian Peninsula.

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