How to Choose the Right RTS Strategy Game to Play

Online gaming is a part of our lives. That is because of its features, content, benefits, etc. Taking a break from work for a bit of time every day is necessary to relax. This also results in better efficiency. With no much time, online gaming became the paramount solution.
Though there are various games available, one thing that has an edge over others is the strategy-based gaming. This has taken a toll on online games such that a maximum number of players are found here. But hold on! When we talk about strategy games, it holds baggage of choices. The out-of-the-box ones are the RTS games. Realtime Strategy games are a part of the strategy genre in which the gaming is in realtime.
Choosing the best among a pool of choices isn’t easy. To make this job easy, let’s see some of the factors that best describe these games to choose the right one.


One of the main reasons for online gaming becoming the most popular is the graphics. The visual effects, graphics, etc. are the keys to become the best game of any genre. Especially with RTS games where realtime gaming is involved, poor graphics are a letdown. So the logic here is quite simple. More realistic are the effects meaning better quality if graphics, more are the users. Advanced 3D graphics, Havoc, etc. are some of the graphic technologies used in the best of these games.


Strategy games are a lot more than just playing games. As the RTS games aren’t turn-based in which players implement strategies in turns, each move in the RTS games requires a unique plan to progress which is fierce and intense. Resource collection is generally the main motto of RTS games. Resources like awards and credits for a captured territory are crucial to survival.


In realtime strategy gaming, the screen converts into a map that shows buildings, the gaming world, terrain units, and an overlay interface. The players are required to build an army with trained soldiers to protect themselves and defeat the opponents who own bases with unique production capacities. Sometimes, the best RTS games itself hold some of these so that players don’t have to build them specially.

Control over Units

Having good control over the units can be considered as the crux of these games. As it is mentioned above that the players sometimes are required to create an army with a limited number of units for both survival and power, it is essential to control them properly to make the best use of them. Conquering an enemy territory increases the winning chances immensely and fetches many resources. So it is obvious that the game which allows its users to have proper control over their units is the one to look for.


By this point in time, it is clear that the RTS games aren’t easy to build in the first place. So charging some amount to give access isn’t unfair. Though popular strategy games charge something, a sigh of relief is that the price isn’t huge and very reasonable. But all of these games are free of cost on our website.

So these are the predominant factors that help in deciding the best RTS game to play. These also help in understanding the basic idea of these games to some extent.

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